Why Chemical Weed Control

When comparing chemical weed control to physical and mechanical weed control methods the difference is clear.  Current technology of chemical weed control, allows herbicides with low toxicity and low active ingredient rates to control weeds with the use of less time and money along with minimum environmental impact.

Using physical weed control to maintain flower beds, gardens, stoned yards and other areas can be done on a limited smaller scale.  I use physical weed control on small areas or isolated weeds at my home all summer.  I like to work outside in my yard, but large areas will clearly force me to spend more time to maintain a weed free area.  Multiply that by the regrowth of new weeds all summer long until the first killing frost.  There is no fun spending time pulling weeds with the high outside temperatures, hot sun and possible insect bites or stings!

Mechanical weed control may at first seem to be the answer.  However, cutting many types of trees will result in tree stumps growing two or more new trees in its place.  Weedwacking your stoned yard may send stones flying into your neighbors’ yard possibly breaking a window or hitting someone.  Chopping brush along roads and fields leaves rough cut ugly trees.  These trees will grow back the next year.  This cutting of stumps, brush and trees creates a thicker area of brush after each cutting.  Mowing areas to cut grass and brush also may require multiple cuts yearly.  One item often forgotten with mechanical weed control is that you are using machines.  Machines leave residues on the plants, they may leak oil and gasoline and gasoline fumes.  The loud cutting noises will scare the animals.  We all use mechanical means to control vegetation.  Use mechanical means in the right situation.

Chemical weed control will save you time and money.  Less noise is created and less time is needed to cover an area with a chemical application versus a mechanical application.  The application can be tailored to give you specific results.  Applications can be made to control stoned yards while not harming the flowers, ornamentals, trees, pets and people.  You can selectively control Multiflora rose if pastures.  Applications can be made to control the various invasive weed species while leaving the non invasive plants.  Applications can be timed to control brush along highways without chemical brownout or ugly tree look.  Phragmites can be controlled in marshland allowing desirable plants to fill back in the next year and allow the fish and game live unharmed.              

Applicators can make treatments that last seasonally.