5 Star Plus specializes in stoned yard homes though out South Jersey.  We treat homes from Cape May Point, Cape May County to Brick Twp., Ocean County.  This also includes homes that only have stoned driveways or specific stoned or paved areas.   In Avalon, Sea Isle City, Stone Harbor and the Wildwood’s practically every street has a 5 Star Plus customer.


Types of chemical weed control:   Bareground, Selective (brush, poison ivy, phragmites, invasive weeds).  Types of chemical insect control:  Perimeter, Ornamental and Yard.

Weed Control Programs

5 Star Plus Premium Weed Control

Initial spring application, any “On Call” or “In The Neighborhood” spot treatments followed with a late summer retreat.

  1. Initial spring application:  All areas treated, post sign, hang note on the door.
  2. “On Call” or “In The Neighborhood” retreat:  When you email or call us requesting a retreat, a retreat is scheduled.  When we are in the neighborhood and see that your home needs a spot treatment, we spot treat your home.  Post sign and hang note on door. Post sign and hang note on door.
  3. Late summer retreat:  We spray all areas in the yard to kill off any existing weeds.

This program covers the homeowner from the time of the initial application until October 1st.


Selective Weed Control

5 Star Plus will selectively target a specific weed.  This application is normally guaranteed but with only one retreat.  Selective applications are tailored towards the target weed and may be applied at various times during the year.  You will know what to expect prior to the application.  Poison ivy, phragmites, bamboo, brush, etc… are examples of what we may target during our selective weed application.


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Put To Bed Program

The fall Put To Bed Program is a late October to Thanksgiving application to all areas normally treated during the spring or summer.  This application gets frozen into the soil sometime in December.  During the winter thaws and in March when the temperatures get warm, the herbicide barrier controls any winter annual seeds trying to germinate along with early spring new growth.  This helps the homeowner keep a clean weed free look and eliminates the cost for spring pulling or cutting of winter weeds.  


5 Star Plus One Shot Program

All areas are treated to control existing growth plus a pre-emergent is added to control regrowth of weeds.  This program is ideal for homeowners who want to sell their property and have the weeds under control.  No guarantee or retreatment.


Insect Control Programs

Perimeter Insect Control

This application is made starting in May to control crawling insects from entering your home.   Example:  Ants, Crickets.  This application does not replace interior extermination programs, but does work effectively controlling ants from entering you home.  Ants that live in the hom need a different type of application.  The insecticide has no odor and lasts a few months per application.  The application is made along the entire exterior base of the home about 3 feet out and 3 feet up the side of the home.  It is safe on plants and leaves no color on the home.




Ornamental Insect Control

5 Star Plus practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  When the threshold to a plant is passed, we will apply an insecticide to control the pest.  Example:  Bagworms – Individually a bagworm sac should never kill a healthy bush or tree.  The homeowner can easily pick or cut off and dispose of the bags.  Never throw them to ground, because upon hatching the young bag worms will climb back onto the bush in force to live.  Left alone, each new year the number of bagworm bags will increase until the bush cannot support them and dies.  Even severely stressed bushes when treated with insecticide and given some root fertilizer have been able to come back.  The plant will replace the damaged areas within a few years.


Yard Insect Control

This application works well for controlling crawling insects but also lessons mosquitoes and tics.  Mosquitoes and ticks fly or jump or get carried into yard area.  When they come into contact with insecticide they die.  This application is low in odor and safe around pets and children.  It lasts about a month and timed to the insects life cycle.

Insect applications are not part of a guaranteed program.  5 Star Plus recommends insect applications when needed.  Homeowners can help minimize insects within home by keeping home clean as possible.