5 Star Plus specializes in a wide range of small to mid sized sites.

  • Steel or Brick Storage Areas
  • Cell Towers
  • Churches
  • Commercial Properties
  • Electric Substations and Power Plants
  • Government
  • Oil and Propane Energy Facilities
  • Parking Lots
  • Plant Sites
  • Pipelines
  • Railroads
  • Sewage Facilities
  • Government

5 Star Plus can do Federal, State and Local Government work. We are classed as a small business and our CAGE Number is 67CR9

Our reputation of service is important to us. All customers get attention to details that is not the norm for larger companies.

Types of chemical weed control: Bareground, selective (brush, poison ivy, knotweed, phragmites, invasive weeds), Basal Weed Control

1. Guaranteed weed control program

5 Star Plus, proposes an initial spring application. To insure your satisfaction during the spray season, 5 Star Plus, will make "on call" spot treatments followed up by a late summer/early fall retreat. Depending on the weather, the initial application of received contracts begins in March. The guaranteed weed control season ends November 1st or as noted.

2. One shot weed control program

5 Star Plus, proposes a single application. Customer calls and pays for any additional retreat. Depending on the weather and other conditions, the one shot program may afford you acceptable season long control. However, we recommend the initial application to be made in June or later during the season.

3. Time and material weed control program

5 Star Plus, proposes an initial late spring/early summer application. Depending upon the contract desired, this application may include a retreat or initialed areas. Normally installed areas are guaranteed like our guaranteed weed control program and season ends November 1st or as noted. Time and material contracts can be capped.

4. Selective weed control program

5 Star Plus will selectively target a specific weed. This application is normally guaranteed but with only one retreat. Selective applications are tailored towards the target weed and may be applied at various times during the year. You will know what to expect prior to application.


A. Net 30 from the date of invoice or as specified
C. Prepay – Optional program that a customer may prepay for service and receive a discount